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Ballooning Tour

Country: Ukraine
City: Kiev
Duration: 5 Hour(s) - 0 Minute(s)
Tour Category: Balloon Rides

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The balloon flights are available all over the territory of Ukraine! Everyone can realize the dream of flying in a balloon.

Ballooning – is an amazing adventure, beautiful and romantic form of recreation widespread in the world. It is an incomparable pleasure! Discover for yourself and your family the freedom of the air element, the magic world of ballooning!

Everyone dreams of heaven and flying! There is no person who does not want to experience a state close to the birds soaring. Today it is real! Ballooning – is a delight, a surge of positive emotions, new, exciting experience!

You are tired of the daily routine – fly on the balloon and everything will come to harmony!

The air tour will give you the opportunity to get acquainted with the unique aircraft and if you want to take part in the preparation of hot air balloon for flight.

Adventures on the balloon – is a wonderful, elegant and unusual present that suits for any occasion. Such a gift will not be unnoticed but higly appreciated.

Available time for ballooning
A flight in a balloon can be in any convenient day. Flying a balloon can be carried out during the year under appropriate weather conditions.

In the Ukraine’s climatic conditions ballooning is preferable in the second half of April up to early November. During this period flights can be performed in the morning 1-2 hours after the sunrise and in the evening 2-3 hours before the sunset.

The advantage of flying in winter is that you can fly during all the daylight hours.
The program of the air trips is designed for 4-5 hours,

The DURATION of ballooning (hot-air balloon) is 1 hour. A meeting with a team of the balloonists and the pilot takes place in the appointed day and hour.

Restrictions for balloons flying
Wind power more than 4 m / sec.

Dress code for ballooning
Getting ready to fly, one should dress according to the weather, in the air there will not be colder than in the ground, the temperature difference is rather small, it is best to dress in sport style.
Particular attention should be paid to shoes, it should be comfortable, better sport shoes, high heels for women are not allowed, mind a hat.

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