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Kamyanets-podilsky Fortress

Kamianets-podilskyi, Ukraine

The town of Kamyanets occupies third place in Ukraine as far as number of architectural places of interest (after Kyiv and Lviv). There are more than one hundred here! But only the Old Fortress has become the symbol of the town. It is thought that the first fortifications appeared where the modern fortress now stands at the time of the Roman Emperor Trojan (101-107 A. C.). And it is a fact that during the era of the state of Kyiv Rus, an earthen fortress was constructed here.

The Chronicle describes construction of a stone fortress for the Lithuanian prince Koriatovych, who governed in the Podillia Principality at the end of the 14th century. And in the 17th century the New Fortress (people call it the Bank), a project overseen by French engineers, appeared around the castle.  In addition to the fortress, Smotrych Island with the Old City was also fortified with an Armenian bastion and the defense gate near the entrance to the city through the impressive Turkish bridge (one of the oldest in Eastern Europe) as well as the Riznytska and Kravetska towers.

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