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Kyiv National Botanical Garden

Kiev, Ukraine

Kyiv is rightly considered one of the greenest cities in the Old World. Located in the city line, National Botanical garden serves as a vivid evidence of this. It is reckoned among the largest botanical gardens in Europe, judging by its territory's size and plants' variety. Striking with its amazing landscapes, juicy colors and riot of fragrances, it is the true oasis of beauty and harmony for Kyiv locals and guests.

Opened in 1964, the Kyiv National Botanical Garden is now in the nature reserve fund of Ukraine and is under steadfast protection, and its lands are the monument of natural and historical and cultural importance. Garden's collection is truly impressive: over 11 thousand kinds of flowers and plants grow on the territory of more than 130 hectares.

The first breathtaking thing is very beautiful landscape and botanical spots that reflect flora of different corners of Ukraine and other countries. Unique floristic complexes are created here: "Forests of Ukrainian plains ", "Ukrainian Carpathians", "Steppe of Ukraine", "Crimea", "Central Asia", "Altai and Western Siberia," "Far East."

The spring starts in the National Botanical Garden in April, when magnificent magnolias blossom in its most protected corner. Thousands of Kyiv locals and guests come here to witness this beautiful sight. However, the botanical garden attracts the greatest number of visitors in May - in the period of lilac blossoming. The almost 2,5 hectares large lilac garden, having 21 out of 28 known lilac kinds, is the pride not only of National Botanical Garden, but of the whole capital. Guests also like the lilac garden, for it commands wonderful views of the Kyiv's left bank and the Vydubychi Monastery.

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