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Park Kyivan Rus

Kiev, Ukraine

Spread out in Kyiv’s picturesque surroundings, the Culture and History Center ‘Park Kyivan Rus’ is a unique project in its nature and scale that has no analogues in Ukraine and even in Europe. It recreates architectural appearance and atmosphere of princely Kyiv with amazing accuracy, taking visitors on a time travel to the Middle Ages and bringing them in the very heart of one of the most influential states in Eastern Europe – the Old Rus.

It was decided to create the park exactly in this place for the reason that it is a historically important territory not far from the capital. It is mentioned in antique chronicles and its landscape is very close to the relief and vegetation of the Old Kyiv. The creators of the Culture and History Center brilliantly recreate the ensemble of the Kyiv stronghold – the historical core of the ancient city – as it looked under the rule of the Prince Vladimir the Great. It is from Kyiv kremlin (another name for the medieval stronghold) that the origin and development of Kyiv and the Old Rus started. Later it became the cradle of Slavic civilization.

Copies of all key buildings that stood at the stronghold a thousand years ago will appear on park’s territory over time. These will be fortifications, residence palaces of Prince Vladimir and Princess Olga, the Fedorov Monastery, the Church of the Tithes, Rotunda and many other buildings, each of which is an architectural masterpiece and reflects the lifestyle of that time.

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