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Sophievka Dendropark

Uman', Ukraine

Sofiyivsky Park is an arboretum (type of botanical garden) and a scientific-researching institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU Department of Biology). The park is located in the northern part of the Uman city, Cherkasy Oblast (Central Ukraine), near the river Kamianka. Some areas of the park are reminiscent of an English garden. Today the park is a popular recreational spot, annually visited by 500 000 visitors. 
Sofiyivka is a scenic landmark of world gardening design at the beginning of 19th century. The park accounts for over 2,000 types of trees and brush (local and exotic) among which are taxodium (marsh cypress), Weymouth Pine, tulip tree, platanus, ginkgo, and many others. 
After the revolution and the Civil war Sophievka is renamed and is called the III-international park, then it exists as the part of the gardening college, that later became the higher educational institution and now it is Uman agricultural Academy. In 1929 Sophievka was declared as the state reserve and till 1955 it was put under different departments and ministries supervision.During the Great Patriotic war a lot of architectural monuments were destroyed.
After Uman deliberation in May, 10, 1944 the park has renewed its work. In 1955 Sophievka was given under the jurisdiction of national Science Academy of Ukraine. Nowadays there is the biggest introduction and acclimatization center of the right bank forest-steppe Ukraine on the territory of this park. There are more than 2 thousand plant taxons. 4 scientific departments conduct their activity there; the only Research Scientific Institute in Ukraine is building there too.
In 1995 Sophievka participated the international competition Europe Nostra and got all the prices: medal, diploma and bas-relief board for the park restoration after the act of God in 1980 and also for the historical and cultural monuments preservation. A new entrance park zone was organized with all infra-structures, meant for visitors servicing.

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