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We invite you to visit Chernivtsi Sightseeing Tour in our comfortable city of Chernivtsi, Little Vienna, to walk in the parks and squares, enjoy its cultural heritage with architectural masterpieces of the Habsburg epoch, see . .
Country: Ukraine
City: Chernivtsi
Duration: 4 Hour(s) - 0 Minute(s)
Tour Category: Half Day Tour
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We invite you to visit Chernivtsi Sightseeing Tour in our comfortable city of Chernivtsi, “Little Vienna”, to walk in the parks and squares, enjoy its cultural heritage with architectural masterpieces of the Habsburg epoch, see the national wealth of the city residents of various ethnic groups.

You will discover the history of the European city which is situated on the spot where the roads from Europe and Asia cross each other. It’s a tiny capital of Europe, where Sunday began with Shubert to ended with a duel, where the pavement was swept with bouquets of roses and one could find more bookstalls than taverns.

Chernivtsi belongs to one of those rare cities of Ukraine, which no doubt has its own unique atmosphere. Perhaps due to this very atmosphere, Chernivtsi gave the world such a wonderful literature school and showed an example of a rare mixture of such interesting and at the same time different cultures.


Our excursion starts from the Central Square of Chernivtsi. This square was founded in 1787. There used to be seven hotels. Seven streets diverge like sunbeams in different directions from the square. Seven states at different times hung out their flags here.

The building of the Museum of Fine Arts together with the City Hall enrich the Central Square with their special histories and interesting fates.

Olha Kobylianska Street. There is an exhibition hall of European architectural styles in front of you. The legend of cleanliness in Kobylianska Street lives on. Some old residents remember Herrengasse washed several times a day with soapy water.

On our way down from O. Kobylianska Street there is the Armenian Catholic Church – an amazing construction of Joseph Hlavka. The Armenian community of our city made an order to build it.

Nowadays the Organ Hall of the regional Philharmonic Society takes place there. Unique acoustics and inner decoration of the hall help to leave an unforgettable impression of Sunday concerts of organ and chamber music performed by foreign and Ukrainian virtuosi.

Ruska Street is the next stage of our excursion around Chernivtsi. Here we can see monumental Christian shrines: the Greek-Catholic Church of the Dormition of the Virgin and St. Nicolas Cathedral.

Turkish Well Square. One can totally admire the atmosphere of Chernivtsi 200 years ago, before the Austrian Empire came into power, in this square. Historical monuments and architecture introduce the Turkish stage of life in our city.

It was Shkilna Street where people in Bukovyna used to start their education. It will lead us to the General’s house. Here stayed the governors of Austria-Hungary and Russian tsar Aleksandr during his visit to Chernivtsi in 1823.

In the nearby, there is the roman-catholic St. Cross Erection Church. The Catholic shrine is introduced in its beauty with special architectural traditions of such kinds of constructions and inner decoration of the temple.

Filarmonia Square used to be Flour Square. The building of the Regional Philharmonic Society witnessed the tours of the world-famous stars of the 19-20th century: Fedir Shaliapin, Enriko Karuzo, Solomia Krushelnytska, Artur Rubinstein, Mykola Lysenko and other famous figures of the world art.

The next stage of the Chernivtsi Sightseeing Tour is one of the most beautiful small squares in Europe –Theatre Square. Located in the neighborhood the Kobylianska Music and Drama Theatre and the Jewish Peoples House stand out as architectural gems against other constructions framing the square. Each of the buildings situated here has its ancient history and compliments the integral architectural ensemble of the Theatre Square.

The final stage of our excursion is the visiting card of our town – an architectural ensemble of the Residence of Metropolitans. Nowadays the complex is undergoing a procedure of inclusion into the list of UNESCO World Heritage. Today the Chernivtsi National University named after Yuriy Fedkovych takes place here.

We are going to find out more about the history of this unusual construction. We will be able to evaluate the uniqueness and monumentality of the creation of the genius Czech architect, president of the Prague Academy of Arts, Joseph Hlavka.

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